Friday, September 3, 2010

Late happens ;)

Hello all! It's really late here... I just took a cab home from the bar.. its almost 4 am and I must say, I have been drinking quite a bit. I have the hiccups and I am trying to multitask right now.. it's not going so well! I am tying to skype with Colleen, eat some chicken (delicious chicken from downtown at the family mart.. haha) and change into my PJs. Ughh.. it's exhausting! So tonight.. I could not document the lovely evening that I had because I forgot my camera at home. I will tell you that... I had a great club sandwich (still doesn't compare to Americas but as Jacob tells me... "don't compare anything to America while your living here")... he's my bud and he's been living here for over a year and a half now so I trust what he says haha! Not only did I have a yummy sandwich but.... I learned how to play pool (can you believe I just now learned how?... I SUCK!!!), I saw some crazy Koreans dressed up like tellie tubbies, it creeped me out because they kind of looked like the weird aliens from Cocoon... and, I played Wii bowling at Skyy bar (I beat myself, it was great)! I must go to sleep now. I am getting up around 12 to go to work for a few hours (can you believe this bullshit!.. I am trying to get ahead).


Korean Facts/Randomness:

-So, did you know that there was a typhoon the other night ago. I found out that 5 people in Seoul died from this typhoon. We (Gwangju) got the outskirts of the storm so noone in my town got injured.

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