Wednesday, October 20, 2010 DIE!

Top: here it is... you should see it with out the hat, it's an orange/yellow/lime green color.. :(
Bottom: Sally from "The Nightmare Before Christmas"... AKA- ME

Ok... I could die right now! So... I told you about my hair situation, well... the brownish color I got started to fade and everyone was saying I had gray/green hair- sadly, they were right. What is happening to me... I had to get this fixed immediately. I cut out a picture from a magazine of a girl with brown hair (not dark, dark brown but brown). I thought that it would mask the green/gray pretty well. So... tonight, I went to a different stylist and showed her the picture. After shampooing my hair, she took the towl of my head and I literally got sick to my stomach!!!! 4 hours later... i'm still sick to my stomach! Why you might ask, my hair is freaking ORANGE... no exaggeration! It doesn't even look like a nice orange, it's goldish orange. OH MY GOD, its awful. Ask my mom, she agrees!

The only positive part about this awful mess is.... I have a red wig for my Halloween costume because I am going to be Sally from the "Nightmare Before Christmas." Now, I don't have to wear the wig. AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!

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