Sunday, November 14, 2010

Don't Mess with Emilie Teacher!

Top: Alicia's 30th Birthday Party- 80's themed... Cheers :)
Bottom: Pepero Day- pepero sticks

I think I had a pretty successful work week. A few screaming children here and there but over all it went really well! Management really loved the Kindergarten art curriculum that I just completed so now, for the next couple months I will be creating the art curriculum for 1st and 2nd grade as well.

Remember the problematic class I told you about… my Tiger 1 class? Well, I had some issues this week with one in particular Tiger girl. Her name is Alice and she's quite the sassy little know it all. Ya know, I try to be a nice teacher… I let a lot of things slide, I give prizes and candy almost every day, I bring snacks and I allow my students to watch funny videos from youtube (age appropriate of course). Now i'm certainly not trying to bribe my students but I do feel they deserve to be rewarded for their hard work and effort. Back to Alice…after a number of notes home to her mother and warning after warning, she still continued to act defiant, rude and disrespectful. Every day she would test me a little more. Oh boy did she have it comin… on Friday I really let her have it. After sassing me and writing extremely rude notes on her test paper about me, I told her to get out of my class and go sit in Alicia's class (noone wants to do that…it's like the principals office). Of course Alice didn't move she just sat there, arms crossed and cried out "no, no, no!". I got the teacher in the next room to watch my class and I escorted Alice out of it. She wouldn't even walk cooperatively, I had to pull her along by the arm. Once we got downstairs she held onto the rail with all her mite, I couldn't break her away … thats when we had it out. I reprimanded her like I never thought I could… I didn't know I had it in me but I was not going to allow an 8 year old to make a fool out of me. I know this sounds bad but I was glad to see her bawling her eyes out- she needed to know who was boss (plus, I'm not stupid… half of those tears were fake). I told her that she wasn't welcome back into my class until she gave me a sincere apology. She talked with Alicia for a few minutes while I continued to teach my class. She came back to class a changed child. Not only did she apologize but she was respectful and compliant… maybe even a little scared in a way that she knew she better not mess with Emilie Teacher again!

This weekend was so much fun! Alicia's 30th birthday is today (Sunday the 14th) and she had a big party last night to celebrate. The party was 80's themed which wasn't hard for me.. I already had all the attire. I wore an off the shoulder shirt that had a neon pattern, a cut off jean jacket, leggings with cut off jean shorts over top, tall bunched socks under my gray high-top converses, neon orange netted armbands (these are the only things I don't own, I promise) tacky makeup and of course a side pony tail. Alicia followed through with her mexican traditions… they are supposed to pay/make dinner, drinks, etc. and your just supposed to bring a nice gift (we got her an awesome one)! Being that she is mexican, she cooked some amazing authentic, mexican food. I can't even describe to you how delicious it was. She even got her sister to send some pepper jack cheese and charizo (spicy sausage) from the states.She made more than enough food and there were at least 20 plus people eating… drunk people! She went above and beyond. She made 5 gallons of margarita, 3 gallons of sangria, and there were endless shots of tequila. She ordered blow up guitars for everyone, netted arm bands, michael jackson sequence gloves, and 80's style sunglasses. We partied at her apartment till midnight and then headed downtown. This certainly isn't something to be proud of but…I promised my friends I would try to make it till the bars closed…you do remember, the bars stay open till 7! - oh mom, I know your proud of your youngest daughter! Ahhh Korea… gotta experience it all!

So, it's 9 pm and i've yet to make it out of the house… after this, i'm heading out for a nice, long jog. I think i'll sweat some of this alcohol off. Have a beautiful week- yours can't be as beautiful as mine cause fall in South Korea is just breathtaking ;)

Korean Facts/Korean Randomness:

- On Wednesday (11/11) Korea has a holiday: Pepero Day is an observance in South Korea similar to Valentine's Day. It is named after the Korean snack, Pepero and held on November 11, since the date "11/11" resembles four sticks of Pepero. The holiday is observed mostly by young people and couples, who exchange Pepero sticks, other candies, and romantic gifts.
Some of my students brought me pepero sticks- tasty :)
-Korea doesn't have day light savings which means I now live 14 hours in the future instead of 13. when I explained day light savings to my students they all looked at my like I was nuts (why do we have day light savings anyway?)
-This is cool and I am sure all of you know this if you watch the news…. the G20 summit was held in Seoul (capital of South Korea) this year/this past Friday.

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