Saturday, August 28, 2010

Beautiful Day!

Not only do we have finger print entry but... we also have a video display when someones at the door (who needs a peep hole)

These are some of my friends/teachers I work with at TNE....a few from the Friday night crew! :)

The week has been busy but exiting! I have one class at the moment and I have been busy preparing them for their big end of the month test. Next week we have tests on Monday and Tuesday and starting Wednesday (September) we all have new classes/levels to teach. I have 2 Giza 1 classes (these are like having 5th graders), a Tiger 1 class (these are like having 4th graders), a Babylon 2 class (this is what I told you about last week... Matt, who is 12 but does middle and high school level work- smartest kid at TNE, he has a class to himself and i'm the teacher) and lastly, on Tuesday and Thursday evening I tutor Max who is 7 years old- still struggles to read. I am looking forward to my new schedule. For the majority of the time, I do not even start work till 1:30 or 2:50 but, I end at 8:35.

Friday night, went out and had a blast... let me just tell u, on the way to the bar the cab driver asked if I was a movie star (soooo flattering, don't worry, I won't let it get to my head). I met some nice Korean guys and since I do not have my cell phone yet- dammit, I gave them my email address instead hahaha!

After a great night out, I woke up at 12 and went to work. I know, your probably wondering why I was working on a Saturday. We are working on doing our lesson plans all online so that the parents can access them via our website. We all had to learn how to do this new format so I said I would come in Saturday (today) to learn... thanks Alicia for sticking around to help all of us! Let me digress for a minute.. whoever knows me well enough, knows that I love watching infomercials.. can I just say that they are even more fun to watch in Korean (like right now, that is usually my background noise)- hahaha! Anyway, today was a beautiful day because... after all the beer last night I thought I should run some off. After 4 hours of work, I ventured out alone, in the rain to do some wogging (walking/jogging). I made sure to put some wons in my pocket because god knows I get lost everywhere I go.. if I did, which I didn't, I could have at least taken a cab back home. I went on a really nice brick path, lined by pretty trees. Along the way I passed some nice apartment buildings, some little parks, a huge driving range and then I finally ran into some work out equipment (remember how I told you that you will find random workout equipment placed around the city... usually at or near a park). I used all of it... some of it was really interesting, I will take pictures soon to post. As I was spinning around on a weird piece of Ab equipment I heard some yelling. I turned around and headed up a hill to find a really nice soccer stadium where a game was being played. The stadium had a track right around the field and up on the hill that I was on, was another track.. a rubber one. I took a few laps around the track and in the middle of watching this soccer game and admiring the beautiful park I saw the most perfect,beautiful, arched rainbow! It made my day!!! :) Anytime I see a rainbow, I assume its one of my grandparents... all of them or another friend/family member who has passed away.. just shinin through to say hey!! it was indeed a beautiful day!

I think i'll take it easy tonight.. get some dinner with friends and maybe see a movie! Have a loveeeely day/night
xo- Em

Korean Facts/Randomness:

- Did you know... Gwangju (where I live) hosted the world cup 4 or 5 years ago!
- The students here call ankles your leg neck.. wrists- arm neck, butt hole- bottom belly button
- Fan Death: people here believe that if you sleep with a fan on and the doors and windows closed.. the fan will suck all the oxygen out of the room and you will die

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