Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Good Bye America

I just got back from Atlanta where I had an interview to confirm my visa. What a pain driving 6 hours early on Tuesday morning, getting to ATL just in time for a 30 minute interview then driving back on Wednesday. I will say the plus to it all was spending time with my two wonderful cousins Laura and Jeff. Thanks again LaLa for letting us stay with you.
So tonight is my last night in America. I will be getting a little more packing done (you should see the GIANT bags I have packed.. WOW) hanging with friends and family and getting to bed early. I fly out of RDU at 8:45 into Chicago. I have a layover there for a few hours then i'm off to S.Korea.
I am VERY nervous and sooo anxious/exited. I will be in touch when I arrive in Seoul or when I get to my temporary apartment in Gwangju (living there for 2 weeks to train for my job).

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