Monday, August 16, 2010

Korean Hospitals... TIME WARP!

Room that I had a majority of my physical in...

So today I went to the Korean Hospital to get a physical for my work. I pulled up to this place and thought.. Ohh myyyy GOD- this can't be a hospital.. it looked like some random, old building built in the 70's... then I walked in and that was another story. Everything from the smell, floors, drapes, chairs, nurses, doctors, patients, rooms, etc. looked like something from the late 70's to early 80's. When it came time to pee in a cup (I hate doing this.. I'd rather get a shot) the nurse handed me a dixie cup with my name written in pen on the side of it.... no plastic container? When she drew blood, she didn't even wear gloves... no bandaid, nothing afterwards! I bet they will find my x-ray pretty interesting though, haha.. terminator ;) !!!

After my physical I went and had some more pictures made (these will go on different documents of mine for the company). This also looked like a scene out of the 70's or 80's.. i've noticed that things are either reallllly updated like my apt. and school or they are extremely old! HAHAHA.. now that I think about it.. it was definitely a scene out of "Napoleon Dynamite" ... remember Deb's little glamour shots studio.. thats how this was. The dude taking the pictures had the personality of Deb but the physical appearance of Pedro.. ahhh ahhaha, I wish I got a picture!

More Korean Facts:
-Gas Prices: in the form of liters .. 3 to 4 liters in a gallon I think. Each liter is around 1500 won ($1.50). If you do the math.. i'm sure you don't want to, this makes gas double the price of our gas (5 to 6 bucks).
-Money: in the form of wons. A won is equal to about 80 cents American money... the dollar is worth more, yay!! (1000 won is like having a dollar, 10000 won is like having 10 bucks.. you get it!
-Traffic Lights: they don't mean SHIT around here. If you get in a cab, be sure to buckle up because, (as my friends as told me) it is very likely you will get in an accident. NOONE pays attention to the lights.. if its red and you think no one is coming then by all means just keep going... sometimes they just hope for the best and drive right through the red lights without even thinking twice. Dad.. I have to call you out.. you might like it here, noone.. expect for foreigners wears seat belts. Everyone has a death wish around here. Try to buckle up!!
-AC: Mom, you will never want to visit here in the summer!!! People are very cautious about using the air conditioning... not that you aren't but it's just different here. I have it in my apt. and it's great but they ask us to turn it off when we leave. Any where else you go around town does not have AC and it is blistering hotttttt here (humidity, as I have said before is horrendous). On the plus side.. it is a great thing how the Koreans conserve.
-Clothing: my Korean Etiquette books were really not that helpful.. yes, very interesting but a lot of things were way off. In my books I read that Korean women dress very conservative so short shorts, skirts, and dresses or not worn.. HAAA! You should see how sexy the Korean women dress.. I mean, they have every right to because they have such beautiful figures. I have never seen so many short shorts as short as I have seen them then in Korea. All the women have really nice legs so why not show them off. I didn't pack any of my short shorts but i'm thinking I might buy a pair here haha ;)

by the way.. my chop stick skills are slowwwwwly improving :)


  1. Keep up the good stories and writing emily! Sounds like your having a great time!

    Luke Barton

  2. Korean women do have very nice legs!!!!