Friday, August 20, 2010

This Damn Zipper!!!!!

A delicious assortment of fruits and veggies from the Friday market (the grapes are what I was eating)- YUM!

So.. it's almost 8 p.m. here and I am getting ready to go out for my Birthday!! I am watching a movie and eating some grapes (the grapes here taste nothing like the grapes in America..they are better- they have more of a wine taste, have tiny crunchy seeds inside and have a bitter skin). I am pretty exited about tonight. All the TN teachers are taking me out to dinner around 9 then we are going to a few bars down town.. including a Karaoke bar, haha.. I am going to have to be pretty shnockered for that! I will blog at the end of the weekend and let you know how everything goes!!

Let me just vent for a minute.. so it sometimes sucks to live alone. I just spent a good 20 minutes trying to get out of my dress. All my friends are either at work or resting up for the evening. I never realized how extremely flexible I was till just now. I am surprised I didn't break the zipper.. godddd!! All is well.. i'm out of the dress.. on to bigger and better things! Have a great weekend.. I know I will! :)

Korean facts:
- it is pretty common for couples to not be monogamous in Korea... everyone does it and everyone knows it goes on its just that people don't openly talk about it. For example a woman might go to a bar, find a good looking man, take him to a sex motel (this is really what a lot of motels are called.. cause everyone does this), screw him then call it a day.. and go home. Now there are some faithful marriages but its not common

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